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apple tv converter workflow for Alfred 2 —

I’ve released the Alfred 2 workflow (on github) to control the apple-tv-converter (on github) gem.
thanks to Zhao Cai for his Alfred 2 Workflow Ruby Template.

main features

  • convert movies to MP4 format playable on apple tv (does not allow multiple conversions in parallel)
  • can convert multiple files and/or folders in one batch
  • can optionally fetch movie metadata from IMDB (check apple-tv-converter’s documentation on how to do this)
  • works on Mac OS X Mavericks


  • requires rvm to be installed (apple-tv-converter requires ruby v1.9 and the system ruby is v1.8, will try to make it work in v1.8 later)
  • requires ffmpeg to be installed for the conversion process (recommended installation via Homebrew)

everything else that’s necessary should already be bundled in the workflow (hence the ~11Mb).


  • converting
    • first, select one or more files or folders either in Finder or Path FinderSelect on Finder
    • and then use the atc keyword on Alfred 2 to start the conversion
    • after a while, you should see an mp4 file show up next to the original
    • when the process completes, you’ll get a notification
  • status report
    • use the keyword atc status to get a status report for the conversion in a Large Type message
  • cancel conversion
    • use the keyword atc cancel to cancel the conversion. you’ll get a notification indicating that the cancelation was requested…
    • and another one when the process actually stops
    • note: no cleanup is made, and a partly converted file will be left on the directory.
  • update

    • use the keyword atc update to update the underlying apple-tv-converter gem.
    • you’ll get a notification stating whether the update isn’t necessary
    • or one indicating which version the gem was updated to


if you find any bug, or have any problems using this, feel free to get in touch with me.

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